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Cramer Building Update April 2021

April 14, 2021

Dear Friends,

Last month, OnMilwaukee published an online story in its Urban Spelunking column about the Cramer Building on the Saints Peter & Paul campus, inaccurately stating that the building has been sold. No one at the parish was contacted at any point about the article; in fact, we were completely surprised when the story appeared. 

As you know, a committee of parishioners has been working for several years to sell the building, which needs costly repairs and is currently unusable. The process of finding an appropriate buyer has been somewhat of a roller coaster, as is typical of such projects. Over the years we have received many offers that have fallen through at various stages, often because the proposed projects were not in the best interest of the parish. Given these ups and downs, we wanted to be confident about the current proposed deal before sharing the news with the parish community.

Again, we were not consulted for this story, and it contained multiple errors. The first is that the building has been sold. The reality is that the current offer on the building is pending and has not yet been finalized.

Second, the convent is not for sale. The sisters who live there are currently contemplating a move out of the building. When they no longer need the space, the parish will use the convent as a ministry center for the Beacon Moms, Bacon Dads, and SPRED ministries.

Third, the Cramer Building is the property of Saints Peter and Paul Parish, not the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, as the article suggested.

The Cramer Building Committee is committed to transparency around our ongoing work to sell the building, and we pledge to share news of a sale as soon as it is final. Please visit ssppmilw.org for future updates. We encourage you to contact any of us with questions.

We are excited about the continued growth of our faith community, and ask that you pray for us in our efforts to be responsible stewards of parish resources.


The Cramer Building Committee

Barbara Boles, Larry Burns, Pam Dowling, Alicia Manning, Jim Piatt, Jim Piotrowski, Mike Szczawinski, and Jon Wallenkamp