Pastors & Staff

Fr. Timothy L. Kitzke

414-271-6577 x103 (office) or 414-762-7986 (in case of emergency)


Fr. John Baumgardner

Associate Pastor
414-962-2443 (office) or 414-305-3824 (in case of emergency)


Deacon Gary Nosacek



Jim Piotrowski

Chief Operating Officer


Chad Griesel

Pastoral Associate of Formation & Justice
414-271-6180 x111


Steve Altman

Director of Maintenance


Sandy Avery

414-962-2443 x10


Terri Balash

Director of Pastoral Care
414-271-6180 (office) or 414-469-6173 (cell)


Anh Clausen

Director of Family Ministry and Religious Formation
414-962-2443 x19


Chris D’Amato

Director of Finance
414-271-6577 x102


Theresa Griesel

Communications Administrator
414-271-6577 x118


Laura Hancock

Director of Social Justice and Outreach
414-271-6577 x115


Mary Kababik

Office Assistant
414-962-2443 x10


Rachel McGrew

Associate Director of Family Ministry
414-962-2443 x11


Meggie Moyer

Associate Director of Liturgy & Music
414-962-2443 x15 (SS Peter & Paul office)
414-271-6180 x109 (Old St. Mary office)


Nino Rebholz

Associate Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
414-271-6577 x113


Bob Schuelke

Director of New Parishioner Engagement
414-962-2443 x12


Nadine Stoltz

Family Ministry Administrative Assistant
414-962-2443 x11