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September 2018 Weekly Bulletin Messages


September 16, 2018 – Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Two brief thoughts I wanted to share. First, this past week, we remembered the events of September 11, 2001. We pray for all those who lost their lives in the attack, as well as their families. We give thanks also in a particular way for all of the first responders, police, firefighters, and EMT’s who so generously responded. As well, we pray also for all those who work to keep our local community safe.

Second, a word of thanks to you parishioners for how you so generously give of your time! Our second reading this Sunday from Saint James reminds us: “What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?”. I am humbled and amazed by how so many people so generously give of their time, talent, and money to support the efforts of our parishes to build up our little corner of God’s Kingdom. So thank you – especially to all those who serve on our Parish and Finance Councils, who serve as Lectors, Ushers, Cantors, and those in our Music Ministries. A thank you to Catechists, those that help with our youth ministry, and all who so generously work to serve the poor. As many of our ministries “resume” with the start of the school year, though I realize I probably didn’t name all of our volunteers, Fr Tim and I simply want you to know of our deep appreciation for all that you do.

Blessings to all on the week, and may God reward your generosity!

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. John

September 9, 2018 – Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Thus says the Lord: Say to those whose hearts are frightened:
Be strong, fear not! Here is your God, he comes with vindication;
with divine recompense he comes to save you.” (Isaiah, ch. 35)

Dear Friends,

In all the events of these past weeks, my heart has been heavy, hurting and fearful, agonizing for those who have been hurt and confusingly mystified as to where this all is going. The combination of sadness and fear is a dangerous one for my spirit because it can lead to despair.

And yet in the storm, I have been gifted to see Christ in the little ordinary unfoldings of grace that make up a typical day in the life of a parish. In the midst of the mess of human living and communal failure, there still is goodness and kindness and compassion, all rooted in a community committed to the Goodness who is Jesus Christ. There is anger, which I believe is ok and appropriate, but there is processing through anger to renewed commitment and growth. There is also the consideration of leaving the community by some, but there is also forgiveness and a commitment to starting again which like in any relationship takes time and patience.

So my despair is melting away. I trust in Christ and in the essential call of goodness His Church must always work to accomplish. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the Roman Catholic Church won’t be rebuilt in a day.

But we must start………

Sincerely, with love,
Fr. Tim
Your pastor

September 2, 2018 – Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Friends in Christ,

As the school year begins for our young people, we ask God’s blessing on them:

Lord our God, in your wisdom and love you surround us with the mysteries of the universe. In times long past you sent us your prophets to teach your laws and to bear witness to your undying love. You sent us your Son to teach us by word and example that true wisdom comes from you alone.

Send your Spirit upon these students and their teachers and fill them with your wisdom and blessings. Grant that during this academic year they may devote themselves to their studies and share what they have learned from others.

God Bless,
Fr John