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Youth Formation

Catholic East Elementary School

The mission of Catholic East Elementary School, a richly diverse Catholic community, is to pursue academic excellence, nurture strong moral development and foster lifelong learning through living out the Gospel values. Catholic East is the parish school of Saints Peter and Paul, Our Lady of Divine Providence, Old Saint Mary, Three Holy Women, and the Cathedral of Saint John. The 2nd-8th grade campus is located at Saints Peter and Paul and the K3-1st grade campus is located at Three Holy Women-Holy Rosary. For more information call 414-964-1770 or visit www.catholiceast.org.

Children’s Choir

The Three Holy Women Parish Children’s Choir is looking for additional singers! Children ages 6-12 from any parish are welcome to join us. We sing about once per month and practice on Thursday evenings 6:30-7:30 pm. We practice 3 or 4 times, sing at a Mass, and then take a few weeks off – and then start up again! It’s an easy, fun and important service that children can take on in their church community. Fun, prayer, making music and laughter are a big part of our choir curriculum, so don’t miss out!

Contact Mary Robertson, Director of Liturgy and Music at Three Holy Women, at gro.l1571396492imhcr1571396492a@mno1571396492streb1571396492or1571396492 or 414-271-6577.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Kids from grade K4 through 5th grade are invited to a special liturgy during our Sunday 9:30 am Mass. Children attend Mass with their parents, but are called forward by the priest before the First Reading and dismissed to go downstairs with adult prayer leaders for a child-focused liturgy. Children hear the Scripture readings, discuss them in an interactive, child-friendly way, and pray together before rejoining their parents for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Adults who love God and love children are invited to become volunteer leaders for CLW, while middle schoolers can serve as lectors for our liturgy, and high schoolers volunteer as CLW assistants.

For further information contact Brianna Pribek, Family Ministry Coordinator, at gro.l1571396492imhcr1571396492a@bke1571396492birp1571396492 or 414-962-2443.


Family Justice Brigade

We are excited to launch a new ministry, Family Justice Brigade (FJB)! By putting families’ faith into action, the FJB will provide families opportunities to serve others in our community, to learn about social justice, and to work towards a more peaceful and just city. We are open to families of all faith backgrounds. Our families can all work together to bring about more peace and justice in our community! Please visit tinyurl.com/familyjusticebrigade to register to attend or to get more information on upcoming events. You may also contact Anh Clausen, Director of Family Ministry and Religious Formation, at gro.l1571396492imhcr1571396492a@ane1571396492sualc1571396492 or 414-962-2443.


Good News Adventure Summer Camp

Are you ready for an Adventure? Good News Adventure is our four-parish family’s free, fun, faith-filled annual summer camp for kids of all ages. The Adventure will take place June 17 to 21, 2019 from 9 am to 12 pm each day. Kids who are completing K3 through Grade 4 are invited to participate, while youth in grades 5 and up are encouraged to join in the fun as volunteers. We are also in great need of more adult volunteers to help make this wonderful week possible for our kids!

For more information, to sign up, or to donate funds or supplies, please visit Good News Adventure 2018 or contact Anh Clausen, Director of Family Ministry and Religious Formation, at 414-962-2443 or moc.l1571396492iamg@1571396492eekua1571396492wlims1571396492wendo1571396492og1571396492. It’s an incredible week – You don’t want to miss it!

If you want to get a peek at what Good News Adventure is like, check out our fabulous photo slideshow! GNA Slideshow


Nova Middle School Ministry

Nova is our parish’s exciting new youth group for middle schoolers.  All students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade (from any school or religious background) are invited to join in the fun! We’ve been averaging about 30 kids at each event, from a huge variety of schools and neighborhoods, and we are always eager to include new people. We would love to get to know you!

Nova meets once a month, usually on Sunday evenings, for faith, friends, and fun. For the latest information about upcoming events, please go to www.tinyurl.com/novarocks.

For further information contact Nino Rebholz, Associate Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, at gro.l1571396492imhcr1571396492a@nzl1571396492ohber1571396492 or 414-271-6577.


Religious Education (UPLIFT Family Formation)

“Uniting People Living in Faith and Truth” (UPLIFT) Family Formation Program is a new religious education program serving the parents and children of Old St. Mary, Our Lady of Divine Providence, SS. Peter and Paul, Three Holy Women, and the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. Our program is designed to support and equip PARENTS to be the primary educators of the faith for their children and assist and UPLIFT families to live in the fullness of our Catholic faith as disciples and followers of Jesus Christ.

Children (K5 – 8th grade) and parents will attend the UPLIFT Family Formation Program once a month on either a Wednesday evening or Sunday morning. (Free, loving childcare will also be provided for children too young to participate.) To read more about the program, please see our online registration form at www.tinyurl.com/upliftfamilies.

UPLIFT Teens is a program for all High Schoolers, including the Confirmation students, and they will meet monthly at the SSPP Church Center on Wednesday nights. To read more about the program, please see our online registration form at www.tinyurl.com/uplifthighschool.

If you have questions about the new UPLIFT Family Formation Program, please email gro.l1571396492imhcr1571396492a@noi1571396492tamro1571396492fylim1571396492af1571396492 or call 414-962-2443 ext 19.


Special Events for Families

We host a variety of family-friendly events throughout the year, like our annual Epiphany Party and Pentecost Party, as well as many others. These are all great ways for families to build community and bring their faith to life.

For further information contact Anh Clausen, Director of Family Ministry and Religious Formation, at gro.l1571396492imhcr1571396492a@ane1571396492sualc1571396492 or 414-962-2443.


SPRED (Special Religious Development)

SPRED, Special Religious Development, is a small faith community in our parish that includes people with special needs. It combines both religious education and community building. SPRED is an intuitive model grounded in relationships and the use of symbol. The goal of this symbolic method is to develop a sense of the sacred, the sense of Christ and a sense of Church.

A relationship with God is accessible to all. Friendship is the human experience closest to understanding the presence of God in life. By calling to mind life experiences and sharing these experiences in a circle of friendship, the small community of faith becomes aware of the sacredness of all life and then returns to daily life changed.

Three Holy Women serves a group of youth age 11-16 years old; SS Peter & Paul serves a group of adolescents age 17-21; Our Lady of Divine Providence serves a group of adults age 22 and older. If you know someone with special needs who may benefit from SPRED, if you would like to be a part our SPRED group at Saints Peter and Paul, or if you simply want to know more about SPRED, contact our parish chairperson, Helen Bolgrien at 414-322-3412 or moc.l1571396492iamg@1571396492neirg1571396492lobh1571396492. You may also visit spredmilwaukee.org.