2490 N Cramer Street, Milwaukee, WI 53211

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Each year, the SSPP Block Party is brought to you by a small army of chairpersons and their volunteers. Chairpersons are listed below. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to volunteer.

Event Co-Chairs

Nancy Burns: moc.l1550561884iamg@1550561884414sn1550561884rubn1550561884
Larry Burns:  ten.t1550561884ta@sn1550561884rub.e1550561884cnerw1550561884al1550561884

Underwriting, Sponsorship

Pam Dowling: moc.z1550561884c2s1@1550561884map1550561884

Basket Raffle Donations

Jodi Delfosse:  ten.t1550561884ta@es1550561884sofle1550561884d1550561884
Sylvia Buckman:  moc.o1550561884ohay@1550561884namkc1550561884ubaiv1550561884lys1550561884

Publicity, Advertising, Website, Entertainment

Karol Hoerth:  moc.o1550561884ohay@1550561884ytrap1550561884kcolb1550561884ppss1550561884

Silent Auction Donations

Pam Dowling:  414-962-1648 or moc.z1550561884c2s1@1550561884map1550561884

Murray's Marketplace

Julie Trafton:  moc.r1550561884r.iw@1550561884notfa1550561884rta1550561884

Main Raffle

Katie Utschig:  ten.l1550561884abolg1550561884cbs@g1550561884ihcst1550561884ukm1550561884

Volunteer Signup

Nancy Burns: moc.l1550561884iamg@1550561884414sn1550561884rubn1550561884

Children's Area/Family Fun

KC Kraiss

Children's Games

Jenny Mendenhall

Food Booth

Dave Poniwaz
Elaine Burns


Samantha Haas


Joan Squire


Pam Dowling

Ticket Booth

Nadine Stoltz

Silent Auction

Claudia Morris
Mary Reavey
MaryAnn Dropp


Tom Hoerth

Parish Staff Liaison

Jim Piotrowski:  gro.l1550561884imhcr1550561884a@jik1550561884swort1550561884oip1550561884

Parish Office

For further information, contact the parish office at 414-962-2443 or gro.l1550561884imhcr1550561884a@wli1550561884mppss1550561884. The parish office is located at 2491 N. Murray Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53211.